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code experimentation

Inspired by the gridlike work of the Memphis graphic design style of the 80's; I made an attempt of never having to use Adobe Illustrator again and let a script design my cover illustrations. 

The idea was to decypher the logic behind Memphis compositions and then replicate this in a script. The results are in the beige window: when you click anywhere, a random shape from a shape palette is chosen, given a colour (specifed in a strict color palette) and followed by an iteration of several following shapes. Each shape is randomly chosen and the relations to the other shapes depends on the previous.

However, I haven't yet got around to fully replacing Adobe Illustrator.

If no interactive visual is loaded, try reloading the page.

One example of the underlying grid of Memphis artwork from which I derived the colour palette and shapes. 

Artwork 'the Memphis Blues Again' by Peter Borg.